The Cleveland Foundation is applying a racial equity lens across its operations and grantmaking, with a goal to advance systemic change. As it relates to the focus of NEON, the foundation supports several programs in both the Income & Wealth and Power & Leadership systems. The foundation promotes innovative wealth creation and access to capital through its social impact investing program, which is among the largest community foundation social impact investing initiatives in the country, as well as the Cleveland Innovation Project, an aligned effort to foster innovation and strengthen technology-based economic growth and prosperity for all Greater Cleveland residents. In addition, the foundation has supported Evergreen Cooperatives, a model for grassroots economic development, as well as community land trusts to ensure residents benefit from development in their neighborhoods. The Cleveland Foundation advances NEON’s work in Power & Leadership through special funds and initiatives including the Cleveland Black Futures Fund, which provides resources to strengthen the ecosystem of Black leaders and Black-serving organizations in Greater Cleveland; youth councils that put young leaders at decision making tables and pay them for their involvement; MyCom, a network of people and organizations helping youth develop leadership skills and reach their full potential through out-of-school time programs; and Neighborhood Connections, one of the largest community building programs in the country.

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Cohort Members

Lillian A. Kuri, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Cleveland Foundation

Lillian A. Kuri, President and CEO, Cleveland Foundation

Megan Wilson, Chief of Staff, Cleveland Foundation

Megan Wilson, Chief of Staff, Cleveland Foundation

Joseph Black

Joseph Black, Senior Grantmaking Officer, Racial Equity and Racial Justice Initiatives

Kathryn Terrell

Kathryn Terrell, Grantmaking Officer