Income and Wealth

Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) is working with partners to create an ecosystem in Indianapolis and Central Indiana for entrepreneurs of color and existing enterprises that are Black or Brown owned. Programs include training and mentoring for early-idea entrepreneurs based on a community-wealth-building philosophy at Kheprw Institute and replicating a 15-week professional development program by Cincinnati-based MORTAR. CICF is actively fundraising to create a $5 million investment fund for capital investments in BIPOC businesses to advance racial equity. Additionally, CICF is engaging with several workforce partners to establish hundreds of living wage jobs over the next five years in the construction industry through paid apprenticeships that will renovate housing for low-income seniors in underappreciated neighborhoods.

CICF Points of Contact for Income and Wealth:

Alicia Collins

Alicia Collins, Director of Community Leadership

Diane Schussel

Diane Schussel, Senior Community Leadership Office

Tom Kilian

Tom Kilian, President of IMPACT Central Indiana

Power and Leadership

Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) has publicly committed to actively increasing BIPOC representation in positions of influence and power throughout Indianapolis. Through social capital, community relations, and a fellowship program placing many young BIPOC leaders on anchor not-for-profit boards, we are influencing more leaders and decision-makers of color in C-suites across the city, on corporate and civic boards, and in governmental departments. We are also building relationships with grassroots leaders and lifting residents’ voices and assets through our community ambassadors—a growing group of engaged resident leaders representing underappreciated neighborhoods and communities. The relationships with our ambassadors provide accountability and authentic voices of influence that inform grantmaking and strategic decisions. CICF’s most expansive community engagement racial equity effort is the Movement of 10,000. This robust digital platform will guide people through a life-long learning journey and comprehensive racial equity “curriculum,” establish accountability and foster relationship-building to activate 10,000+ members to commit to a life’s practice of anti-racist activity and committing to daily acts of equity.

CICF Points of Contact for Power and Leadership:

Brian Payne

Brian Payne, President and CEO

Pamela Ross

Pamela Ross, Vice President of Opportunity, Equity and Inclusion

Rob MacPherson

Rob MacPherson, Vice President of Development and Strategy