Everyone Deserves a Chance at Achieving the American Dream.

Wealth inequality and declining social mobility are the defining challenges of our day.

The Community Foundation Opportunity Network (CFON) is a network of community foundations committed to working together to advance equity, opportunity, and justice for all people in our communities.

Participating foundations serve communities with a spectrum of geographic, demographic, racial, and socioeconomic diversity across the United States.

We're working to increase opportunity and equity for ALL people in our communities.

Community foundations, as part of the “civic backbone of America,” are uniquely positioned to sustain attention on the growing disparities and inequities for access to opportunity and achievement and drive effective action to address them.

Community foundations are driving proven solutions to dismantle structural and systemic racism in order to achieve economic and social mobility.

They are connecting donors who are deeply-rooted in local communities to effective solutions tailored to the unique requirements of those communities.

Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

Support Development of an Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The Community Foundation supports an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem that amplifies the growth of a “new economy,” with particular focus on new businesses in historically under-invested neighborhoods in Greater New …

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Oregon Community Foundation

Black Student Success

We will work alongside community leaders throughout the state to build capacity and leadership, and scale proven models that improve outcomes for Black students.

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We empower foundations and their partners to learn faster, develop new approaches and produce results.

Our Learning and Sharing network is the common ground for participating foundations to learn from each other, benchmark with each other, gain access to resources and thought leadership, and understand and develop the preconditions for success at the local level.

Relevant research

Restoring the American Dream

The culminating report from the US Partnership for Mobility from Poverty
The Opportunity Gap report cover

Closing the Opportunity Gap

Robert Putnam/Saguaro Seminar Working Group's report

Opportunity, Responsibility and Security

AEI/Brookings Report: A Consensus Plan for Reducing Poverty and Restoring the American Dream

The Opportunity Index

The Opportunity Index provides data that show what opportunity looks like in the United States.

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