Announcing the Launch of the CFCC!

Community foundations are well positioned to drive and support climate action in their communities, and are critical implementers of national funder and federal climate investments.  The Community Foundation Climate Collaborative is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical membership network consisting of community foundations from across the country that share a commitment to climate change mitigation and/or adaptation and alleviating poverty and inequity. 

Read about the opportunity and urgent need for community foundations to band together on this issue in this OpEd, authored by four community foundation CEOs (Amy Freitag, New York Community Trust; Lisa Schroeder, The Pittsburgh Foundation; Javier Soto, The Denver Foundation; and Rhea Suh, Marin Community Foundation).  We are grateful for the early vision and enthusiastic support of co-founder James Davitt Rooney, who helped conceive of the idea for the Collaborative and provided input and insight into making it happen.

The Collaborative launched in May 2023 with generous seed funding from the New York Community Trust and is developing the structure to support the following purposes:

  • Promoting coordinated learning, research, and analysis on climate-related challenges and opportunities
  • Enabling innovation, creative problem solving, and replication of best practices
  • Supporting strategic partnerships and resource mobilization efforts focused on large climate funders and federal agencies
  • Facilitating joint action and advocacy including federal lobbying

Read the current press release which outlines more about the CFCC’s work.

Over 40 community foundations from across the US have joined the Collaborative to date.  For more information about becoming a CFON member or the work of the Collaborative, contact Amy Daly-Donovan, CFON Director.

map representing states with community foundations

Additional detail will be added to this page as the Collaborative develops.