Each community foundation participating in the Collaborative participates in one of five Regional Action Networks (RAN). The purpose of the RANs is to build a robust, diverse and inclusive network of partners to advance climate action; coordinate across foundations on regionally-specific programs and issues; align and leverage resources and funding; and to ensure equity and access to resources and expertise for local communities. Each RAN developed initial region-specific priorities, as detailed below.

Greater Pacific

Priorities: Focusing on the intersectionality of climate, economic justice, and the clean energy transition; providing immediate emergency and crisis response while addressing root causes and supporting long-term resilience; shifting power to communities that have been excluded from key decision-making spaces; building alliances and capacity building for nonprofits.

  • 1   Central Valley Community Foundation
  • 2   Community Foundation for Monterey County
  • 3   Community Foundaton for Southern Arizona
  • 4   Community Foundation Sonoma County
  • 5   Hawai’i Community Foundation
  • 6   Humboldt Area + Wild Rivers Community Foundation
  • 7   League of California Community Foundations
  • 8   Marin Community Foundation
  • 9   Napa Valley Community Foundation
  • 10  Oregon Community Foundation
  • 11  San Diego Foundation
  • 12  Seattle Foundation
  • 13  Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • 14  Ventura County Community Foundation
Mountain States/Great Plains

Priorities: Strategically utilizing community foundations’ voice and leaning into policy; strengthening government partnerships and collaborations; convening and building collaboration; focusing on racial equity in climate work.

  • 1  Park City Community Foundation
  • 2  Telluride Foundation
  • 3  The Denver Foundation
Midwest/Great Lakes

Priorities: Building climate resilient households by layering funding to benefit low-income households; leveraging federal funding and disrupting inequities built in to accessing federal funds; preparing people for future disasters via resilience hubs; centering community voice and environmental justice.

  • 1  Chicago Community Trust
  • 2  Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
  • 3  Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque
  • 4  Community Foundation for SE Michigan
  • 5  Community Foundation of Greater Flint
  • 6  Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
  • 7  Hamilton Community Foundation
  • 8  Lincoln Community Foundation
  • 9  Omaha Community Foundation
  • 10  The Cleveland Foundation
  • 11  The Columbus Foundation
  • 12  The Dayton Foundation
  • 13  The Indianapolis Foundation
  • 14  The Pittsburgh Foundation
  • 15  Greater Milwaukee Community Foundation
  • 16  The Minneapolis Foundation

Priorities: Focusing on watershed and coastal ecosystem management in a changing climate; prioritizing the intersection of workforce development and climate resilience; focusing on communities impacted by environmental injustice; adding climate as a lens to foundation grantmaking in relevant program areas.

  • 1  Adirondack Foundation
  • 2  Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
  • 3  Community Foundation for Nantucket
  • 4  Community Foundation for Northern Virginia
  • 5  Fairfield County’s Community Foundation
  • 6  Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • 7  Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation
  • 8  New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
  • 9  The New York Community Trust
  • 10  The Rhode Island Foundation
  • 11  Westchester Community Foundation
  • 12  Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore
  • 13  Puerto Rico Community Foundation
  • 14  Vermont Community Foundation
Gulf Coast/Southeast Seaboard

Priorities: Prioritizing water, specifically around waterways and seeing water as an asset; developing strategies for working with the government beyond just funding; disaster relief, recovery, and resilience, including infrastructure and challenges around heat; federal funding opportunities.

Gulf Coast/Southeast Seaboard
  • 1  Community Foundation of Broward
  • 2  Community Foundation of South Alabama
  • 3  Greater New Orleans Foundation
  • 4  The Miami Foundation
  • 5  Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta