Building Opportunity for Strong Latino Communities

A stack of Delaware Community Foundation publications

In Delaware, an exciting segment of our community – the Latino population of Sussex County – has been growing stronger over the past 30 years. So this year, the DCF commissioned the report Perspectives on the Latino Population in Sussex County, Delaware to serve as a resource for nonprofit organizations, funders, community leaders and others striving to engage and advance this important segment of the community.

Researchers from the University of Delaware explored accomplishments and contributions of Latinos in Sussex County, as well as continuing needs and challenges. In the report, which was presented at the DCF’s Georgetown Focus Conversation in October 2019, researchers identified important moments that can be leveraged to build opportunity, including through culturally sensitive and bilingual programs and services for immigration assistance, college and financial aid navigation, public transportation improvements, home buying, business training, and banking.

We at the DCF hope that Perspectives will serve in two ways: First, as a catalyst to spark conversations and new partnerships, and second, as a source of information and knowledge to help maximize the impact of the resulting efforts.

This report, conducted by Dr. Jennifer Fuqua and Dr. April Veness of the University of Delaware, was made possible by a grant from CFLeads to the DCF. The study was completed in collaboration with Dr. Christine Cannon, executive director of the Arsht-Cannon Fund at the DCF; La Colectiva de Delaware; La Esperanza and countless other partners. We are particularly grateful to the families and individuals who shared their stories and insights.