New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

New Hampshire Tomorrow

New Hampshire Tomorrow

All of New Hampshire’s kids deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. But right now, only some get that chance. Together, we can do something about this.

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation has always been committed to effective action for the next generation. But given the demographic and social trends facing our state, we have redoubled those efforts. We have made increasing opportunity for those furthest from opportunity a top priority.

In 2016, the Foundation committed to investing at least $100 million over 10 years in New Hampshire Tomorrow, a comprehensive partnership bringing together hundreds of organizations and businesses toward a single goal: increasing opportunities so that more young people can reach their potential and grow into thriving adults who will sustain New Hampshire’s communities and economy.

To achieve that goal, the Foundation is investing in four proven areas: early childhood development; family and youth supports; substance use prevention, treatment and recovery; and education and career pathways.

Because no child, regardless of how much her family struggles, or where she lives, or the color of her skin, should be shut out of opportunity in the land of opportunity.