Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation

Opportunity Rising

3,346 children in Duluth and 1,038 children in Superior live in poverty. These kids and their families face barriers that include transportation, housing, health care, out-of-school programming, childcare, job training and more. The vision for Opportunity Rising is for a community that embraces diversity and inclusivity, where all children have abundant opportunities, and feel respected, safe and secure. This means…

  • Working together as people from all backgrounds, incomes, ethnicities, beliefs and neighborhoods.
  • Restoring a stronger sense of community encouraging more individuals, organizations and businesses to embrace all children and families as “our kids” and “our neighbors.”
  • Eliminating barriers to participation in community and in/out of school programs.
  • Finding ways to connect more children and parents with another caring adult who supports them and genuinely believes in their futures.
  • Providing more support for early childhood education, including programs that support parents.
  • Matching families experiencing poverty with advocates to assist in navigating support networks.